Choose High Quality Bio Safety Cabinets to Protect Your Lab!

Bio safety cabinets are usually preferred to the cleaning the work environment with efficient quality air. This helps in eliminating the contamination particles exist in the laboratory. This is more important before proceed with any functional operation. Potential infections or the particles will be eliminated within a certain time period. This automatically set and fixes the issues exist with the bacteria. Hazardous cabinets in work premises may damage the lab tests and process as well.

Let us check the salient features with the Bio safety Cabinets

• The controlling system with LED / LCD works based on the microprocessor.

• Authorized technician or professional only can access the system which is really good to avoid the complications of multiple handling which may damage the testing process.

• Self-cleaning process with a timer set helps in automatic cleaning and functioning itself to avoid the contamination particles.


• UV tube and HEPA lifespan can be monitor through the display provided. It also comes up with automatic alarm alert signal when the Hepa Filter expires.

• Interlocking cabinet system allows the user to avoid in middle interruptions at the time of cleaning process running.

• Before the processor testing starts can check the safety levels in the cabinet. It will give assurance to the complete safety and contamination free of the cabinet to perform the lab testing’s.

• The mechanism used in the system allows users to get the details like, noise levels, maintenance requirement usually very less maintenance, US federal class 100 confirmation which allows technicians to perform high standard work environment, Additional spare and peripherals to fix when there is a loss or expiry of the particular material.

In addition to the above mentioned it also provides certification of assurance which was awarded by the ISO. There is a different mode of certifications available. ISO – 9001:2008, ISO -146441, ISO -13485:2012, BSEN 12469:2000, IEC 61010, IEC 60601, EN 61326 – 1:2006, SSI Region. Certificate, CE certificate and also, in addition, the manufacturer certificate for the cabinet with all specifications and standards to maintain will be provided at the time of installation.

Low and medium risk organisms can be handled by the biodiversity cabinet which will helpful in lab-related procedures and investigations as well and more suitable for the laboratories like Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Medical, and Sciences. So based on the requirement you can choose the bio safety cabinets for the work environment.


Onsite installation and providing complete guidance to about the process and its functioning to the technicians and providing them practical session for operating the cabinet will improve your work environment.

Waiometraprovide high level of bio safety cabinets which is more useful in labs and testing environment where the necessity of contamination free and bacteria particles free is high priority. It provides complete safety environment and supports in getting the accurate results at your laboratory.

High precision and less costing bio safety cabinets are fully equipped with all the basic and medium level of requirements to all types of laboratories, particularly good for the medical, pharmaceutical and agricultural labs

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